Book Review – Satan: Little League Superstar

by 'Ard Pete


I very rarely write book reviews mainly in part because I don’t read many books. Not that I’m illiterate or anything but because I’d rather watch television than sit in silence and read a book. This is why it’s taken me so long to finish this book; though due to me needing to save some cash, rather than go to the pub on my lunch break for the customary pint of beer I now sit in my car and read. Only until my bank account is back in my favour then it’s back to the pub again.

Anyway in case you didn’t know and I don’t know why you wouldn’t as we are in the same circle but Tim Boyle of Mooselicker wrote a book some months back and I obvs grabbed my free copy because while I support independent writers, I’m sure as hell not giving them any money. The books titled Satan: Little League Superstar; literally the book is about what the title suggests; The Devil himself joins a little league baseball team.

Not being a big sports fan myself, especially of American sports I was unsure if I’d know what the hell was going off in this book but I think from my small amount of knowledge I got by even though I don’t know what a pinch hitter is; sounds like something I used to do to people in school.

What really stands out in this book as I suspected it might is Tim’s humour. This book is quite simply; funny.

From the first page to the last his special brand of humour you’d read on his blog shines through this entire book and it was a joy to read; not only that but he made me feel sorry for a character like Satan, he made me think that maybe Satan isn’t all that bad. I had my suspicions before but this only confirms it.

As the book rages on it turns into the ultimate battle between Good and Evil, still managing to remain funny throughout. His descriptions of scenes were concise; it literally felt like I was there watching some freaky baseball game with all these rejects of societies with super powers. The characters of course burst into life and all in all it’s a very enjoyable read.

I’ve been a fan of Tim’s writing for awhile now and I could actually see this book being the sort of thing that could be published professionally and in book shops. Those words alone should make you buy this, or at least grab the free code and download it for free.


22 Responses to “Book Review – Satan: Little League Superstar”

  1. This was awesome. Expect this to be whored all over Facebook and Twitter and my blog tomorrow. Thanks Pete! It means a lot.

  2. Great review, Pete!! I have no doubt that it’s every bit as funny as his blog. He’s got real talent.

  3. I read this when it came out, too. Tim has a strong voice, which resonates in both his blog and this novel. He’s got a great future ahead of him!

  4. He’s hilarious, so much so that I have nothing decent sounding comment to make and that’s probably why he doesn’t know I exist. I’m adding this to my to-reads pile. Great review by the way, I’m curious if he could make me sympathize with Beelzebub himself.

  5. Nice work Pete! You’re a better friend than I could ever be. Not only did you read Tim’s book, but you liked it AND you reviewed it. I need to be more like you! 🙂

  6. Nice one, Moose! Pete was kind enough to review one of my books a while back, so well done Petey Pants.

    The cover looks like a couple of erect penises swimming through the ether. Good stuff.


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